Rewarding excellence

Every now and then I get the opportunity to spread good news. Today I announced the winners of the UCISA Award for Excellence, sponsored by Eduserv. The winner for 2008 is the University of Glamorgan for their GlamStart initiative. The initiative included gaming and interactive campus maps linked to multimedia clips and was central to their student support service. The panel felt that Glamorgan’s submission demonstrated a strong relationship to institutional strategy, understanding of costs related to benefits, elements of good project management and wide participation, continual improvement and ongoing development in response to user feedback.

I wasn’t a member of the panel but, as the recipient of all the submissions was able to take a sneak preview before they were marked. The standard of entry was very high this year and there was a record number of submissions. This is pleasing on a couple of counts – firstly it is good that there is so much good practice in the sector and secondly that institutions now appear more comfortable with submitting entries. I have felt for a long time that much of the good work that goes on in universities and colleges remains unseen and unappreciated. Promoting the excellent work carried out in IT/Information Services departments can only benefit the UCISA membership. Demonstrating excellence in what we do leads to to recognition of the value of IT within the institution and is a big step towards the IT/IS department being recognised as leaders in their own institutions.

All the entries are available on the UCISA website.



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