To tweet or not to tweet?

There have been a couple of articles in the Guardian this week highlighting the use of Twitter by Government departments. The main focus was the guide that has been written to help Whitehall’s “digital media” teams get the balance right between serious news and the more mundane.

I am a fairly new convert to Twitter (@pat3460 for those interested) and I am finding it both useful for work and another handy social link. Feeds from journalists in the technology and education fields have proved far more effective at alerting me to news items than email or the general web. With work and play now much more interwoven than they were in the past, the journalist feeds are a mixture of social chat and breaking news. But is that what people are looking for from a Government department? There might be interest in the fact that the PM has arrived in New York but do we really care that there are clear blue skies there? Does it add anything to the Number 10 message? It could be that most Twitterers just separate the wheat from the chaff and ignore the meteorological updates. But equally it could be seen as irksome to have to sift through several tweets until you find some real news.

The debate got me thinking about the UCISA Twitter account (@ucisa). We used it first at the Service Desk/Distributed Support Staff Symposium held at the start of the month to allow comment/chat on the sessions and have since used it for news items and announcements. And I’m minded to leave it that way. No social news that the team are on their way to a conference, no reports on the weather from Oxford. Just business matter. Isn’t that what the followers of the account want?



One Response to “To tweet or not to tweet?”

  1. David Harrison Says:

    I think so Peter. Keep it to the factual and reporting on UCISA activities. Use your personal identities to reflect on how the ucisa world revolves

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