UCISA Leadership event

The second UCISA Directors’ Forum on Leadership was held on 27 – 28 January in Manchester. The presentations and subsequent discussion highlighted a number of contentious areas. These are presented to provoke further discussion after the event:


There is no place for an ICT strategy within a HEI; rather the use of ICT to further business aims should be embedded within core business strategies.

  • Is this the case?
  • Should this be the case?
  • What methods should IT Directors employ to ensure their services are aligned with the business strategy?


    IT Governance is not sufficiently mature within the HE sector to deliver transformational change within an institution. What steps IT Directors take to address this?


    The increasing dependence on IT to deliver business critical systems demands a higher level of professionalism and adoption of business standards – in these times of increasing financial constraint how do IT Directors convince their senior executives that this is a worthwhile investment?


    Transformationalists can become toxic – what steps can IT Directors take to ensure a measured transition in line with institutional strategy?

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